What is WFF?
You've spent hours designing and implementing your form in PhotoShop, Illustrator, ImageReady, FreeHand, FireWorks, DreamWeaver (etc.) and it's shiny and looks gorgeous.

But unless you send it to a developer or learn PHP, it will remain useless forever.
Don't worry. WFF is here.

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The following is a list of tags which Web Form Factory recognizes. Tags are special html entities that are processed by WFF upon form generation. The purpose of each tag is described in the description column. Required tags must be present within the original form submitted to WFF. If any of the required tag is missing in the form submitted to WFF, an error will be thrown.
Tag Description Required
<wff:validation_errors/> This tag indicates to WFF where to display form validation errors. Within your original HTML form, simply place this tag where you'd like error messages to appear. Common areas where this tag is usually placed are: Top of the form or just below the submit button. yes