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Step 2: Form Type

Currently, WFF supports generation of 2 types of web forms: Database Forms and Email Forms.

Database Forms
This means that WFF generates forms that funnel data to a database.
WFF supports MySQL + PHP since it is one of the most common hosting configurations available. WFF does not currently support ASP.NET / SQL Server. When you generate a database form, WFF generates all the necessary code which collects and inserts data into a MySQL database. You don’t have to write any code. Once the form is ready, all you need to do is edit the configuration file provided by WFF (configuration.php) with your database login and password and your form is ready to start collecting data. WFF even provides an admin interface for you to view the collected information.

Email Forms
WFF can also generate email forms. Email forms (usually contact forms, feedback forms etc) funnel all the collected data to an email address instead of a database. This is ideal if your host doesn’t provide you with a database or if you simply want all information sent to your email address. Once the information collected is funneled to your email, you are free to manage it anyway you want. For example, transferring the data to a spreadsheet.

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